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New Expansion Pack Preview Patches for the "Analog Synth Essentials" Complete Bundle


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Buongiorno Maik, scaricherei li bundle ma se cancella la banca attuale wave o si limita a incrementarla? Avevo già acquistato 1980'SynthPop che alla prima installazione ha rimosso i miei wave, ripristinato i miei sound set volendo rimettere 1980'SynthPop non trovava più i suoi wave..misteri Cordiali saluti Carmine Ciancaglini

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You are the best! The WS would not be the same without you 😀

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Maik SchottCreator


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Hi Maik, Just got a Wavestate and came across your sound sets - They sound great! When loading for example the JP8 and the Juno bank and powering down will they then be there when powering up again or do I have to load them in before each gig? BR, Martin

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Maik SchottCreator

Hi Martin, as long as you do not load any new Soundsets (banks) via the sample builder software into your WaveState, the samples will stay inside the internal memory.

"Stranger Things" and "Equinoxe Pt.7" for the complete "Analog Synth Essentials" Bundle

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