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"Stranger Things" and "Equinoxe Pt.7" for the complete "Analog Synth Essentials" Bundle

New Expansion Pack Preview Patches for the "Analog Synth Essentials" Complete Bundle

Updated MIDI Files for all my WaveState Soundsets (full versions)

New Sound Collection: Korg WaveState - Analog Synth Essentials Sound Collection (5 different SoundSets)

Korg WaveState - Hammond Auto Vari 64 Drum Computer

Korg Wavestate Video Hilfsanleitung

Korg Wavestate Video Help Manual in 2 or 3 Episodes planned

New Wavestate Tutorial online

MIDI Files for Wavestate 80s SynthPop Hits

WavState Native Plugin - missing samples warnings

Wavestate Native Update 1.11

New korg WaveState SoundSet "Synthesizer Legends" (Vangelis, Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream and more)

Brand New SoundSet: Korg WaveState - The Sounds of the 80s Pop Hits (Toto, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson)