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This bundle contains...

Korg WaveState - 80s Synthpop Vol.2

4.9 (20)
  • Qty: 1
  • Variant: Full Version

Korg WaveState - Synthesizer Legends

4.7 (52)
  • Qty: 1
  • Variant: Full Version

Korg WaveState - 80s Pop Hits

4.9 (22)
  • Qty: 1
  • Variant: Full Version

Korg WaveState - 80's Synth Pop Hits Vol. 1

4.8 (67)
  • Qty: 1
  • Variant: Full Version

Korg WaveState - the Sounds of the Trevor Horn Era

4.8 (30)
  • Qty: 1
  • Variant: Full Version

Important Note: due to the limited size of the sample bank memory (50MB Bank RAM) of the hardware Wavestate, it is not possible until now to load all 5 SoundSets at the same time. The size will exceed the maximum Bank memory. You would have to choose which soundets you want to play at onve and then merge them together with the Sample Builder. I made a tutorial for this procedure (see bottom page)

To transfer my Soundsets into your WaveState, familiarity with a computer and basic computer usage skills are necessary.

These 5 SoundSets are included:

0180s Synth Pop Vol. 2
02Synthesizer Legends
0380s Pop Hits
041980s Synth Pop Hits
05Trevor Horn Era

01 -> Brandnew!! -> 80's SynthPop Vol. 2 (New Order, Alphaville, Harold Faltermeier, Aha etc.): https://maikschott.gumroad.com/l/yazag

02 -> Analog Synth EssentialsCollection:

03 ->Synthesizer Legends (Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode etc.): https://maikschott.gumroad.com/l/pqawl

04 ->80's Pop Hits (Michael Jackson/Toto/Chaka Khan):

05 ->80's SynthPop Hits (Depeche Mode/Jean Michel Jarre, etc):

06 ->Trevor Horn Era (Tears for Fears, Yes, Grace Jones, Seal, Frankie goes to Hollywood): https://maikschott.gumroad.com/l/iNGUk


01 -> 5 Hit SoundSets Bundle:https://maikschott.gumroad.com/l/dcjei

02 -> Synthpop Triple Bundle:https://maikschott.gumroad.com/l/yazag

03 -> All Soundsets Bundle (Save 30%): https://maikschott.gumroad.com/l/ftjcs

Korg WaveState Video Manual - Season 1 (20 Episodes)
English Version:

Deutsche Version:

  • 80s Synthpop Vol. 2 (AHA, New Order, Alphaville, Gary Numan, etc.)
  • Synthesizer Legends(Vangelis, JMJ, Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream and more)
  • Sounds of the 80's Pop Hits(Toto, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan)
  • 1980's Synthpop Hits(Depeche Mode, JMJ, Yazoo, The Human League and more)
  • Trevor Horn Era(Franky goes to Hollywood, Grace Jones, Yes, Tears for Fears and more)

Here some important notes and facts for you:

  • There are MIDI Files in the MIDI Files folder for each track to help you playing the songs.
  • There are also lists with links to instruction videos how to play the different keyboard parts.
  • And there are instruction pdf files in English and German language how to load my SoundSets into your hardwareWaveState and also into the WaveState Native VST PlugIn.
  • The SoundSets are also compatible with the VST plugin of the Korg WaveState.
  • All patches that contain wave sequences, I have made in the original key of the composition.

IMPORTANT:Please only use thelatest Korg software and firmware versions!

You will find them here:


Please read all the Installing Instructions that I have attached - very carefully and follow them STEP BY STEP! Otherwise the sounds will not load.

Please note: because of the size of my libraries (custom made samples) it is not possibleuntil now to loadall 5 SoundSets into the Hardware WaveState at the same time. The size will exceed the maximum Bank memory of 50MB.

A possible solution is to combine some soundsets and save them as a new bank for the Hardware WS. The Native Version allows us to use more than one bank at the same time!
I made a tutorial how to dmerge different sample banks:

Installation Video for WS Native (for all Soundsets it is the same procedure)

If you have questions, please contact me directly via email. The email adress you will find in the Gumroad receipt you got via email.

Enjoy the SoundSets and playing the songs!

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5 SoundSets for the Korg WaveState & Native VST Plugin

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5 Hits Set Bundle (Save 25%)

0 ratings
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